Passion is the guide of my ambition


Passionate about nutrition and its benefits, I express myself today through a pastry well-being where gluttony rubs the art of beauty and health. Discover my journey from today to my first steps in 2012.


Depuis 2016


Since 2016, I have put my expertise at the service of creation and professional training.
From start-ups to agri-food companies, I accompany them in the food innovation sector and the creation of “well-being” products.

Demonstration, professional training, I travel internationally to train and highlight French pastry in international culinary schools.

Creation Chef


Les Marquis de Ladurée
Creation Chef

In charge of the creation for the chocolate factory Les marquis de LADUREE, I sign the entire collection.

Cupcakes, chocolate candies, artistic pieces to celebrate Christmas or Easter …

So many creations that are then put up for sale at the store and at the Pop up store.

Former Chef


Alain Ducasse
Former Chef

Moved since always by the desire to transmit my passion, I reach the post of chief trainer at the school Alain Ducasse.
I provide courses in French and in English for amateurs and future professionals.
The notions of pedagogy and well-being are at the heart of my concerns as a trainer, as much as the learning of pastry techniques.

Second experience


Second experience

I join the Meurice Palace, within the team of Cédric Grolet and Maxime Frédéric. Perfection and rigor are the key words, in the ambition to deliver an exceptional pastry.

This experience allows me to increase my level of requirement and confirms my attraction for Haute Couture pastry.

First experience


Lutetia hôtel 5 *
First experience

My first steps in the world of gastronomy and luxury begin in this beautiful 5 * hotel on the left bank of Paris.

Arrived as a pastry clerk, I became half-chef de partie, manager of the brewery and Paris.

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